4 Relay Module

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: GA
Model Number: GA2111
Theory: Electromagnetic Relay
Usage: General Purpose
Size: Miniature
Protect Feature: Sealed
Contact Load: Low Power
Product Name: 4 Channel Relay Module with Light Coupling 5V
Condition: 100%new
Package: Standard Package (plastic Bag+carton Box)

৳ 250.00


The Dual 12V WiFi relay module uses the ESP-01 as a WiFi module and is compatible with 8-bit MCU chips. Only a simple configuration process can perform the wireless control of the 2-way relay through the mobile application.
1. Built-in WiFi module ESP-01 and high performance microprocessor STM8S103.
2 The module has 2 operating modes:
Mode 1: the phone is installed directly on the WiFi module.
Mode 2: equipped with a mobile phone and a WiFi module in the router
Additional features: can also be used as a USB relay when the ESP-01 is removed.
3. transmission distance:
In an open environment, when the mobile phone is installed in the WiFi module, the maximum stable transmission distance is 100 M.
4. When the WiFi module and the mobile phone are transported simultaneously in the router, the transmission distance depends on the strength of the router signal.
5. 12 V relay, 10 A / 250 V AC 10 A / 30 V DC, which can pull 100,000 times continuously, with diode discharge protection and short response time.
6. Use the Smartcongig technology to complete the account and password settings in the WiFi APP ESP-01 module of the mobile phone and configure the user memory and password functions.
7. Panel mode selection and operating status indicator in real time.
8. Reserved UART debug interface and download interface of the STM8 swimming program.


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